08 April 2010

All Day Long

Love, love, love these images from Veronik Avery's upcoming book, Knitting 24/7. Even with the much-discussed "renaissance" of knitting, there still remains a dearth of patterns that are both interesting to knit and don't look like something my nana would wear. Veronik knows what's up.

06 April 2010

Blue Bandit

Some more spring knitting. Sometimes I think knitting is the only thing keeping me sane, though truthfully I'm probably heading toward a sad future in which I suffocate under an avalanche of knitted oddities and am not found until days later in an eternal tangle of yarn.

"I know I survived the hard times by being obsessed," says Sonja Ahlers, and I'm inclined to agree.

Um... yeah. Happy spring!

blue bandit

blue bandit

The yarn is a silk/merino blend from Painted Fleece, pattern is Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon Osborn.

01 April 2010

polaroid scarf
phillipolaroid scarf
polaroid scarf

Polaroid silk scarves from Phillipe Roucou and M. Cherie.

31 March 2010


For the past few months, I've been dreaming of making a stop-motion film involving knitting. Alas, I've been beat to the punch! (Never mind the fact that I have zero film-making ability.)

This amazing commercial, from Natural Gas Belgium, takes the concept of warming up a house quite literally.

You can also watch how it was made:

29 March 2010


Little spring things.
Pattern by ysolda, knit in malabrigo sock yarn.




09 December 2009

a song i like.

From a band I like.

via 20jazzfunkgreats

07 December 2009

I stumbled upon a box full of these great children's books at the library the other day. Cute, I thought. I looked closer. The box was marked free. Even cuter.

Now, I'll take pretty much anything that's free, but these books were an especially sweet surprise - scattered amongst the xenophobic and racist stories (of which there are aplenty, I assure you) are a plethora of great 1920s illustrations. A few favourites:

snow white

snow white

snow white

snow white

snow white



a quiet chat




23 November 2009


Jordan Scott

"The film is set at an elite girls’ boarding school circa 1930s where the ‘in crowd’ is made up of the frightfully British diving team: Di, Lily, Poppy, Laurel, Rosie and Fuzzy.
It is a tale of sexual and sporting rivalry, bulling and manipulation predicated on the girls’ passion for their teacher, the glamorous Miss G (Eva Green), upon whom they lavish attention and who in turn teaches them more than just their lessons.
The superficially calm surface of the teenagers' daily life is interrupted by the arrival of a new pupil, the exotic and beautiful Fiamma, in whom Miss G takes an immediate interest.
The girls are fiercely jealous of Fiamma and, led by former favourite Di, exact a campaign of bullying against her. The girls’ anger and the repressive wall of tension that builds over the school year erupts during a high spirited midnight party, with shocking consequences."

If nothing else, this film promises to be bona fide eye candy.







Images from here.

01 November 2009

The Spirit of the Beehive

Victor Erice


31 October 2009

Beautiful crocheted pieces from Arielle de Pinto's 2010 collection. So simple an idea yet so brilliant.

arielle de pinto 2010
arielle de pinto 2010arielle de pinto 2010
arielle de pinto 2010arielle de pinto 2010
arielle de pinto 2010