09 December 2009

a song i like.

From a band I like.

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07 December 2009

I stumbled upon a box full of these great children's books at the library the other day. Cute, I thought. I looked closer. The box was marked free. Even cuter.

Now, I'll take pretty much anything that's free, but these books were an especially sweet surprise - scattered amongst the xenophobic and racist stories (of which there are aplenty, I assure you) are a plethora of great 1920s illustrations. A few favourites:

snow white

snow white

snow white

snow white

snow white



a quiet chat




23 November 2009


Jordan Scott

"The film is set at an elite girls’ boarding school circa 1930s where the ‘in crowd’ is made up of the frightfully British diving team: Di, Lily, Poppy, Laurel, Rosie and Fuzzy.
It is a tale of sexual and sporting rivalry, bulling and manipulation predicated on the girls’ passion for their teacher, the glamorous Miss G (Eva Green), upon whom they lavish attention and who in turn teaches them more than just their lessons.
The superficially calm surface of the teenagers' daily life is interrupted by the arrival of a new pupil, the exotic and beautiful Fiamma, in whom Miss G takes an immediate interest.
The girls are fiercely jealous of Fiamma and, led by former favourite Di, exact a campaign of bullying against her. The girls’ anger and the repressive wall of tension that builds over the school year erupts during a high spirited midnight party, with shocking consequences."

If nothing else, this film promises to be bona fide eye candy.







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01 November 2009

The Spirit of the Beehive

Victor Erice


31 October 2009

Beautiful crocheted pieces from Arielle de Pinto's 2010 collection. So simple an idea yet so brilliant.

arielle de pinto 2010
arielle de pinto 2010arielle de pinto 2010
arielle de pinto 2010arielle de pinto 2010
arielle de pinto 2010

22 October 2009

I scanned a few looks from one my most treasured pattern booklets. Vintage knitting patterns are notoriously difficult to execute, but gee golly, the results are incredible.

long-torso sweater

turnabout spencer

bow-tie spencer

patterned turtle neck

vestee sweater

Sometimes I imagine how lovely it would be if we still lived in a world where dapper dress and perfectly-rouged lips were a requirement. Such poise, such elegance, such grace...

Then I think how much effort it would take to get ready just to schlep over to 7-Eleven and talk to that weird checkout boy Dmitri and, well, it doesn't seem quite worth it.

21 October 2009

Wonderful interior shots from Dos Family House Visits. Brb, moving to Sweden.

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."

the perfect sweater

20 October 2009

What is it with the colour purple? I think 90% of the things I've knitted in the past year have been some shade of violet, lavender, aubergine, heliotrope, amaranthine... god, the synonyms for purple are fucking fantastic (thanks, thesaurus.com!).

featherweight cardigan

Uh... just ignore the crotch shot, I implore you.

featherweight cardigan

Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig

19 October 2009

Loving the colourful opulence in these shots from Oliver Peoples' 2010 campaign. Has Shirley Manson aged at all in the last 10 years?